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The Most Interesting CheapSMMJunior Features

CheapSMMJunior One-Stop Store! under construction

CheapSMMJunior Store

A website connected to CheapSMMJunior (main) that offers an easy to purchase services. The term relates to how many stops you need to make satisfy from all your needs. A CheapSMMJunior one-stop store aims to provide everything the client might want in a few steps without needing an account.....

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CheapSMMJunior Discounted Vouchers under construction

Discounted Vouchers

CheapSMMJunior now offering discounted vouchers to our new/customers. Vouchers are the new product lines that helps you add funds in a cheaper amount of deposit. Vouchers can be used to strategically encourage customers to buy a discounted one, less from the original price.....

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CheapSMMJunior Sub/Panels Fields coming soon...

Panel Fields

CheapSMMJunior might decide to have a 5 websites accessible for 5 countries. For each country it operates the right services, currency, payment methods, language and features. It is very important to ensure that these country-specific websites perform at least as good as our global website for users.....

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CheapSMMJunior Multi Currency Panel great news

Multi-Currency Conversion

A multi-currency converter is a simple, handy, fast, and accurate tool. This means that you (customers) can use this accurate tool in our internal site when purchasing services with different currencies. With this currency converter, you can identify the difference and cost of our services.....

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CheapSMMJunior has Realtime Service Updates great news

Realtime Service Updates

We’re on to the next chapter of this feature where we’re introducing an instant service update. Service updates provide a realtime data (like service rate or condition) that allows users to make more pertinent and informed before taking action if you are going to place an order with this specific service.....

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General information about: Instagram, Facebook great news

After Bonus, Funds You Get

This feature, Bonuses may be dangled as incentives to CSJ customers and you can be given as a reward performance for signing up, or building your account level of status. CheapSMMJunior distributes bonuses to all applicable payment methods through adding funds in your account, which is an offer of free.....

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