How To Use

How does CheapSMMJunior Works?

CheapSMMJunior is an automated panel that can process thousands of orders from a different services.
This Tutorial will give you an idea on how to use and expertise this panel.

Signup or Create a CSJ Acount

First, you need to have an account as for user's access then after that you can now see the dashboard, we made Sign up form an easy and fast, it's like the same as you're making an account from the other sites. Don't worry all of your personal details were safe, We do not share your details to others as per our Privacy Policy.

Sign Up

Add Funds

Second, you need to deposit funds to your account, it's simple, easy and secured , and we have so much payment methods available for you. For deposit please go to “” you can find “Add funds” at sidebar.


Place Order

Third, after you made a deposit, and already have a CSJ Account Balance, you can now place orders in as much as it fits on your funds, see step by step tutorial. You can check “” to see all the services and price rates.

Choose Platform's Category

When it comes in a Category Dropdown or options that you may see in Order form for making a purchase, it is basically require for you to choose in what platform you're interested. For example Facebook Page Likes or YouTube Subscribers, etc.

Choose the Service You Want

In a word "Service" it refers to specific. You are required to choose a service under the category of platform you chose. Meaning you are asking which service you want, For example YouTube CHEAP Views, YouTube FAST Subscribers, etc.

Order Status

After making a purchase, it's very important to know about the status of your order, if it's on the way to delivery or still reviewing by our CSJ Team. You also need to match the Quantity you ordered + the Start Count = The Current or Final Subscribers, Likes, Views, etc.