CSJ Rules You Must Followed

⚠️ Do Not place several order for the same link at the same time, wait for the first order to be Completed / Canceled or Partial before placing the next one.
In this case, us Can't Cancel/Refund it .
Do not enter the same order twice before the first one gets completed/cancel/Partial, no cancellation will be made and both orders will be marked "Complete". We can't give you correct followers/likes/Views number in that case. We will not refund for these orders. Please keep attention!
In the case your Order have drop, please wait us to refill or cancel or Partial before order a new one. We will not cancel in this case.

Please keep attention!

⚠️ System will look at start count when you put order and mark completed after enough quantity. So, Don't ask us to cancel or anything with reason :" views/Likes/subs... come from my real user , my fans , other seller.

Please keep attention!

⚠️ After sending orders :
I can't Edit/ Change URL if its wrong .
If you delete your page/account/Video or change it to private or change username or the account is closed, We will not refund / Refill for this case. Please keep attention!

⚠️ If your page had 10K, 100k or 200k Followers/Likes/Views before ordering or you are face any drop problem, then we can't refill / Refund.

⚠️ After order completed if traffic Drop below start count then us can't refill/cancel.

⚠️ If you use server Drop, No refill before and after completed, you should come to use server Non drop or have refill.

⚠️ If the order has a problem, please wait for us and the developer to resolve it within 1 hour - 2 days, depending on the nature of the order.

⚠️ In case you ask us Partial cancel or system have some problem and can't continue working, then we will Partial refund is the last action, if after partial refund but the traffic is drop, we can't refill or refund.

⚠️ If you use drip feed services, it cant intervent (It can't refund, refill, or cancel.)

⚠️ Please check "Realtime Service Updates" everyday, because some status us will delete after some day, so you will not catch up .